Well im sure you can guess what this is going to be about. Im looking into getting my GED real soon. If all fairs well, ill start classes in November, and ill take the test ASAP in December. if you asked me why, i honostly couldnt tell you. i mean, i have some reasons, for starters, i really dont want to graduate from this school. and the fact that i just dont want to put up with school any more might be a reason, but none of those are really good enough i guess. to me, i just want out. i want out of school and i want to start getting my life started. full days at work dont sound even remotely interesting compared to school, but for some reason i would rather do that then be in school. iv already herd every thing along the lines of “your throughing your life away” and “thats a stupid idea.” and i agree, it is a stupid idea… but its my stupid idea. what ever though.


Back To School…

so this year is totaly ruined for all the seniors! the rules are worse, the teachers are worse, im pritty sure the school is making up things as they go?!? Im about ready to just give up here, i want to go to a different school so bad. in all my time at this school, i have never wanted to leave more thin in this week alone. oh well i guess everyone has to feel this way some times.

new part to older story.

as far as the eye could see, there was brown. the grass was brown, the leaves were brown, but a most peculiar offset of colour caught my eye. amidst a sea of brown was a blue pond. as i approached the pond, i saw him rise from the shallow depth of the water. in this reflection i saw him walking among the tall green grass, blowing in the direction of the wind. he followed as his legs lead him to a field of white roses. a certain rose in particular called out to him. it knew his name. the sun shed such a resilient light on this flower, and he was drawn to it. i noticed a certain darkness that came over the flower as he drew closer; all the more he desired it.

there he stood, casting a shadow over all the things he dreamt of. he reached down to pick it from its roots and placed it inside his shirt pocket, keeping it as close to his heart as possible. everything hed ever wanted lied within this blackened rose. with every desire that came to mind, the greater the rose grew, and grew, and grew, its thorns piercing his pocket. his mind became full of greed. the rose grew until its thorns punctured a hole in his heart, and he bled from his eyes and mouth, turning all the white roses to red.

i stared into his eyes, overflowing with his insides, and a tear fell from my eye, shattering the image. the ripple disseminated a wave of red that contaminated the once beautiful blue pond.

“everything will be alright if you give up the things you desire most”, i said, hoping he would hear me. i wiped my eyes as a black rose ascended to the top of the water.

its bad enough coming from my parents…

ya im pritty sure im gunna grow up to be a failure. im too lazy to work, and ive grown into a habit of hating people for no reason. i guess you could say im becoming a loner. but what ever, ill figure something out. heck i could be happy as a hobo. im sure of it!

patience, patients

but his mind was telling me otherwise. as my nails scraped across the asphalt, i cried, and he cried. i thought of all the things he had left to do, all the people he wronged, all the love he had left.

the light eluded the creature. its gown simply consumed it whole, and still it was not yet satisfied. i felt a rush of adrenaline pulse through my leg, and with all i had, for his sake, i tried to break free. his eyes opened, but only for the slightest moment.

the creature, aware that he was now aware himself, called his name. his eyes closed. his heartbeat, minute by minute, became like that of his lifeless cell mate’s, as he lay motionless with tubes and needles running through him. and as the only one left still fighting for him, i put up my last struggle, but it didn’t seem to be enough.

as i lay, in turn, motionless on the concrete being devoured inch by inch, i smiled, and he smiled. he looked inside at me and i outside at him. as his final heartbeat drew closer and closer,

to be continued…

For Ryan~ “My Hospital Fight”

So, it was a Thursday i think, and my aunt had a blood clot the night before we got to the hotel(the entire family was meeting at the hotel). So, as it would go, we went to visit her, and… well, for the sake of her story, she looked a bit sheepish. ANY WAY, after we all said our bit, it was time to go. We walked out to the front of the hospital, under the porch, and waited for my dad to drive up and get us. It was just me, david, and mom.

So, now that we have the setting, its time for the mood! I am sitting next to david, who decides it would be a great way to pass time by elbowing me in the side. I said stop, he did it again. I said please stop, he did it again. I raised my voice, he did it again. I said please stop with a raised voice and then glared at him, but he persisted. So i took the next step, i slapped him behind the head. Now, david gets all worked up, ether because i dont know my own strength or because he is just a puss, and decides to punch me in the face. This is where it gets interesting!

So now david has my full attention, and i get up and rain down 5 or 6 blows from hell on his right arm(thats his hitting arm). But he still hasn’t gotten the point! He then stands up, and with a limp arm, begins to swing the entire arm around. Now Im quickly backing up trying to dodge my brothers chunky arm, but i still get hit. After he hits me the 3rd time, i stop backing up and begin moving forward. I punch him in the chest, the arm, the hip, the face, i give him every thing. It finally dawns on him, that he is both loosing the fight and bleeding from the nose and head, so he decides to pull a suicide bomber on me. He runs at me as hard and fast as he can, but i don’t think he had a plan, because i moved out to the way pretty early and he didn’t seem to change direction. Seeing this, i stick my foot out and give him a push, and he eats the pavement. LITERALLY!

So, now that things are dying down, i notice my mom has been yelling the whole time at us, and telling us to stop. Our little fandango had gathered a crowd of maybe 12 people, half of which were clapping(no joke) about the outcome. My mom finally managed to brake us up with out getting up, just in time for my dad to arrive. David limped back to the car, this time with a bloody lip and leg. I didnt get in trouble strangely even though i did most of the damage, but david cant swim once he gets back home, and I GET TO RIDE HIS BIKE WHEN EVER I WANT!!!! WOOP WOOP!

I still feel bad for my mom, because i remember a few people telling her she needs to control her kids, but im not gunna tell you what she said to them, although it was pretty funny.

Never Again…

i have made a promise to myself never to go on a nother family vacation. My brother and i got in a fist fight outside a hospital, i sleep on the floor in EVERY hotel, And the historic museums… oh my. If i go to another historic museum, it will be the death of me. And the lack of room in the car, every stop we make it seems like we are getting more and more stuff to load in the van, and there is no room at all now. Does anyone else have these kind of memories? Their horrid arent they!