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Whats up with me

Im currently learning the true meaning of giving everything for Christ. I want to compose a list of all the things I never would have been able to give up if not for the power of Christ in me…

Drugs, smoking, cursing(on going war, but im winning!), drinking, sex, the wrong freinds, love of money clothes and things, and so so so much more!

NEED” is a powerful word, a powerful but false word for the most part. Apart from God, what do we really need? Food? A home? Well thats all good stuff, but what does that lead too? Well what gets you all of these things… money. Money is the root of all evil, which is why we “NEED” it so much. What cant you do with out money these days? Now dont get me wrong, i am not saying its wrong to work for money so that you can have a house and food. Thats actually alright for most people because they wont over do it, but thats all you need. A house and food are the only things you NEED! do you NEED a tv? do you NEED a bed? do you NEED an X-Box 360 ir PS3?


 Heres a thought. Depend on God… like you are supposd to do. Depend on him to meet your true NEEDS. Dont go out and buy all these things! Give that $2000 you saved up for a plasma screen to a homeless shelter. Send an awsome love offering to a missionary. Turn the root of all evil around and smack Satan in the face with it. And all that spare time you would WAIST with all of those THINGS, spend it witnessing or doing something USEFULL!

 Thats my conviction right now.