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I will never sleep again.

Every second that passed was just a waste. Everything he did he did to no particular point or purpose. He just lived his life, a good and simple life but it wasnt worth shit. “Your nothing. Nothing at all. Your a waste. Your just a worthless pile of shit.” She spoke the truth in his mind, but she was far from correct. He hung up the phone and walked to his closet. He grabbed a carefully wrapped item and then walked to his car.
All he could think about was what she said. He focused on all the things he did wrong, but never the things he did right. A tear fell down his face as he parked the car. He walked straight through her front door. Her dad yelling and cursing. He didnt care. He just walked down the hallway to her room. She met him at the door with hostility. She rambled for a brief moment. 
“What the FUCK do you think your doing here? Who do you think you are?” And with out hesitation he unwrapped the item from his closet and stuck it between his mouth. “What are you doing? NO I LOVE YOU!” 


She began to scream. She screamed and screamed till her voice gave out, then she just fell to her knees and cried. I dont understand why? He was just a piece of shit? Who cares.


You got blood on your face…

The light flickered in the hallway. He nervously looked over both shoulders not yet sure why he was nervous. After a short pause in the hallway he began to walk again only to be standing face to face with someone.
He was wearing a black jacket with the hood up. The dim light made it hard to see his face. He was hyperventilating with his fists clenched tight and both arms shaking. This strange figure made him now aware of why he was so nervous. 
All the people he had used.
All the friends he had lied to.
All the girls that he had fucked.
All the hearts that he had broken.
All the lies he hid behind.
Each and every time he had run away.
“I always new that my fun would pay me back. It was just a matter of time.”
Suddenly the dark figure let out a horrible shout and he was tackled to the floor. The figure began to beat at his face furiously. He wanted to defend himself, to fight back… to stop it, but he was unable. Bleeding and screaming and crying for his life he slowly was beaten’ away. The figure still shouting. Still trashing at the almost dead corps. Then suddenly the figure stopped.
“I have repaid everyone you have wronged. I have been truthful to those you lied too. I have loved all the hearts you broke. I have corrected your broken and FUCKED UP life. I am god and I control your fate.” The figure then stood up and stood behind his head. He lifted his foot into the air and landed it in his face. 
They had to replace the carpet.

I found happiness in a bottle

“There’s someone else. I don’t want you to…” I shut the phone and drops it into a cup of beer. One of my drunk friends stumbles over laughing and shouting at people, “hey man check this out!” I just grab the Jacks and walk by him as he smashes a can on his head.

I walk out side and I don’t stop. I walk out of the neighborhood and on to the main street. I walk and I walk and I walk. I turn onto her street and walk to her house. It starts raining as I ring the door bell. I ring it again and again and again. His car is in her drive way, I know they are home. I take another drink of the almost empty Jacks bottle in my hand and I walk into the house.

“WHERE ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU?!” I’m spitting out words that are barely audible and drinking more and more. The bottle goes empty just as he walks out of her room to the balcony. “Get out man, she doesn’t want you here.” He keeps talking as I slowly walk up the stairs. I grip the bottle tightly and then I swing. I hit him again and again and again. He falls over the balcony. I hear her crying in her room and I start to walk again… the bottle still tightly grasped in my hand.

For Ryan~ “My Hospital Fight”

So, it was a Thursday i think, and my aunt had a blood clot the night before we got to the hotel(the entire family was meeting at the hotel). So, as it would go, we went to visit her, and… well, for the sake of her story, she looked a bit sheepish. ANY WAY, after we all said our bit, it was time to go. We walked out to the front of the hospital, under the porch, and waited for my dad to drive up and get us. It was just me, david, and mom.

So, now that we have the setting, its time for the mood! I am sitting next to david, who decides it would be a great way to pass time by elbowing me in the side. I said stop, he did it again. I said please stop, he did it again. I raised my voice, he did it again. I said please stop with a raised voice and then glared at him, but he persisted. So i took the next step, i slapped him behind the head. Now, david gets all worked up, ether because i dont know my own strength or because he is just a puss, and decides to punch me in the face. This is where it gets interesting!

So now david has my full attention, and i get up and rain down 5 or 6 blows from hell on his right arm(thats his hitting arm). But he still hasn’t gotten the point! He then stands up, and with a limp arm, begins to swing the entire arm around. Now Im quickly backing up trying to dodge my brothers chunky arm, but i still get hit. After he hits me the 3rd time, i stop backing up and begin moving forward. I punch him in the chest, the arm, the hip, the face, i give him every thing. It finally dawns on him, that he is both loosing the fight and bleeding from the nose and head, so he decides to pull a suicide bomber on me. He runs at me as hard and fast as he can, but i don’t think he had a plan, because i moved out to the way pretty early and he didn’t seem to change direction. Seeing this, i stick my foot out and give him a push, and he eats the pavement. LITERALLY!

So, now that things are dying down, i notice my mom has been yelling the whole time at us, and telling us to stop. Our little fandango had gathered a crowd of maybe 12 people, half of which were clapping(no joke) about the outcome. My mom finally managed to brake us up with out getting up, just in time for my dad to arrive. David limped back to the car, this time with a bloody lip and leg. I didnt get in trouble strangely even though i did most of the damage, but david cant swim once he gets back home, and I GET TO RIDE HIS BIKE WHEN EVER I WANT!!!! WOOP WOOP!

I still feel bad for my mom, because i remember a few people telling her she needs to control her kids, but im not gunna tell you what she said to them, although it was pretty funny.

Never Again…

i have made a promise to myself never to go on a nother family vacation. My brother and i got in a fist fight outside a hospital, i sleep on the floor in EVERY hotel, And the historic museums… oh my. If i go to another historic museum, it will be the death of me. And the lack of room in the car, every stop we make it seems like we are getting more and more stuff to load in the van, and there is no room at all now. Does anyone else have these kind of memories? Their horrid arent they!

Just experimenting.

!?!?!?!? can someone explain why i cant get this to show up in the jon files, and ONLY in the jon files.

Just a few tips!

Im trying to get into a routine of praying and reading my Bible, but I find it rather hard to get into the swing of things. If anyone has some pointers or tips it would be greatly appreciated.