You got blood on your face…

The light flickered in the hallway. He nervously looked over both shoulders not yet sure why he was nervous. After a short pause in the hallway he began to walk again only to be standing face to face with someone.
He was wearing a black jacket with the hood up. The dim light made it hard to see his face. He was hyperventilating with his fists clenched tight and both arms shaking. This strange figure made him now aware of why he was so nervous. 
All the people he had used.
All the friends he had lied to.
All the girls that he had fucked.
All the hearts that he had broken.
All the lies he hid behind.
Each and every time he had run away.
“I always new that my fun would pay me back. It was just a matter of time.”
Suddenly the dark figure let out a horrible shout and he was tackled to the floor. The figure began to beat at his face furiously. He wanted to defend himself, to fight back… to stop it, but he was unable. Bleeding and screaming and crying for his life he slowly was beaten’ away. The figure still shouting. Still trashing at the almost dead corps. Then suddenly the figure stopped.
“I have repaid everyone you have wronged. I have been truthful to those you lied too. I have loved all the hearts you broke. I have corrected your broken and FUCKED UP life. I am god and I control your fate.” The figure then stood up and stood behind his head. He lifted his foot into the air and landed it in his face. 
They had to replace the carpet.


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