I will never sleep again.

Every second that passed was just a waste. Everything he did he did to no particular point or purpose. He just lived his life, a good and simple life but it wasnt worth shit. “Your nothing. Nothing at all. Your a waste. Your just a worthless pile of shit.” She spoke the truth in his mind, but she was far from correct. He hung up the phone and walked to his closet. He grabbed a carefully wrapped item and then walked to his car.
All he could think about was what she said. He focused on all the things he did wrong, but never the things he did right. A tear fell down his face as he parked the car. He walked straight through her front door. Her dad yelling and cursing. He didnt care. He just walked down the hallway to her room. She met him at the door with hostility. She rambled for a brief moment. 
“What the FUCK do you think your doing here? Who do you think you are?” And with out hesitation he unwrapped the item from his closet and stuck it between his mouth. “What are you doing? NO I LOVE YOU!” 


She began to scream. She screamed and screamed till her voice gave out, then she just fell to her knees and cried. I dont understand why? He was just a piece of shit? Who cares.


One response to “I will never sleep again.

  1. yea dude i just keep forgetting. I’ll come with cody or something some time soon since school is out now.

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