I found happiness in a bottle

“There’s someone else. I don’t want you to…” I shut the phone and drops it into a cup of beer. One of my drunk friends stumbles over laughing and shouting at people, “hey man check this out!” I just grab the Jacks and walk by him as he smashes a can on his head.

I walk out side and I don’t stop. I walk out of the neighborhood and on to the main street. I walk and I walk and I walk. I turn onto her street and walk to her house. It starts raining as I ring the door bell. I ring it again and again and again. His car is in her drive way, I know they are home. I take another drink of the almost empty Jacks bottle in my hand and I walk into the house.

“WHERE ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU?!” I’m spitting out words that are barely audible and drinking more and more. The bottle goes empty just as he walks out of her room to the balcony. “Get out man, she doesn’t want you here.” He keeps talking as I slowly walk up the stairs. I grip the bottle tightly and then I swing. I hit him again and again and again. He falls over the balcony. I hear her crying in her room and I start to walk again… the bottle still tightly grasped in my hand.


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