Explain to me Aaron Weiss

As of late, I have been listening to mewithoutyou quite a bit and I must say, Aaron Weiss is AMAZING!!! Right now, I am in the process of understanding what his peoms are about, but I am stuck on the song “Tourches Together.” Well Im not exactly stuck on the song, but I just reolized that part of the lyrics are in the Bible. At the end of the song he sings…

                “We played the flute, but no one was dancing.

                  And you sang a sad song, but none of us cried.”

Well this verse is found in Luke 7:31-32 “And the Lord said,[a] “To what then shall I liken the men of this generation, and what are they like? They are like children sitting in the marketplace and calling to one another, saying: 

   ‘We played the flute for you,
And you did not dance;
      We mourned to you,
And you did not weep.’ “

If you could tell me what this is talking about or means it would be awsome!


3 responses to “Explain to me Aaron Weiss

  1. Hey Jon. You really need to read up to vs. 35 to get the full context. I think what is being shown here, is a simile spelled out by Christ. The music being played was too happy, and the contrast of happy would be mourning during a funeral. If you look at the characteristics of John the Baptist and Jesus, you can see that while on the same side they were opposites. I must decrease, Christ must increase. Etc. Just as the that generation rejected the happy and sad… they even more vehemently rejected John’s warnings, and Christ’s Love.

  2. I have no idea but its a really tight song. the whole album is really good.

  3. I agree with Joshes statement that there’s a context to be had in that particular verse, but I would encourage you to find answers in reading the rest of the chapter, prayer, and perhaps the guidance of a trusted Pastor or Priest. God has given them wisdom we do not have. We could talk all day about the implications, but God gives such men position to speak the truth the first time in love!

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