Well im sure you can guess what this is going to be about. Im looking into getting my GED real soon. If all fairs well, ill start classes in November, and ill take the test ASAP in December. if you asked me why, i honostly couldnt tell you. i mean, i have some reasons, for starters, i really dont want to graduate from this school. and the fact that i just dont want to put up with school any more might be a reason, but none of those are really good enough i guess. to me, i just want out. i want out of school and i want to start getting my life started. full days at work dont sound even remotely interesting compared to school, but for some reason i would rather do that then be in school. iv already herd every thing along the lines of “your throughing your life away” and “thats a stupid idea.” and i agree, it is a stupid idea… but its my stupid idea. what ever though.


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  1. Have fun.

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