Back To School…

so this year is totaly ruined for all the seniors! the rules are worse, the teachers are worse, im pritty sure the school is making up things as they go?!? Im about ready to just give up here, i want to go to a different school so bad. in all my time at this school, i have never wanted to leave more thin in this week alone. oh well i guess everyone has to feel this way some times.


6 responses to “Back To School…

  1. Sorry dude. Hang in there. How are you doing other than school?

  2. um… well i hate almost everyone around me. and i never get to see my friends, so id say im doin just skippy.

  3. Why don’t you call me sometime. It’s been a long time since I’ve talked to you. Later.

  4. Some day we will look back on this and beat our wives.

  5. i agree… but murder is more of the word im looking for

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