new part to older story.

as far as the eye could see, there was brown. the grass was brown, the leaves were brown, but a most peculiar offset of colour caught my eye. amidst a sea of brown was a blue pond. as i approached the pond, i saw him rise from the shallow depth of the water. in this reflection i saw him walking among the tall green grass, blowing in the direction of the wind. he followed as his legs lead him to a field of white roses. a certain rose in particular called out to him. it knew his name. the sun shed such a resilient light on this flower, and he was drawn to it. i noticed a certain darkness that came over the flower as he drew closer; all the more he desired it.

there he stood, casting a shadow over all the things he dreamt of. he reached down to pick it from its roots and placed it inside his shirt pocket, keeping it as close to his heart as possible. everything hed ever wanted lied within this blackened rose. with every desire that came to mind, the greater the rose grew, and grew, and grew, its thorns piercing his pocket. his mind became full of greed. the rose grew until its thorns punctured a hole in his heart, and he bled from his eyes and mouth, turning all the white roses to red.

i stared into his eyes, overflowing with his insides, and a tear fell from my eye, shattering the image. the ripple disseminated a wave of red that contaminated the once beautiful blue pond.

“everything will be alright if you give up the things you desire most”, i said, hoping he would hear me. i wiped my eyes as a black rose ascended to the top of the water.


One response to “new part to older story.

  1. wow dude i like it!!! it makes yah think!

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