its bad enough coming from my parents…

ya im pritty sure im gunna grow up to be a failure. im too lazy to work, and ive grown into a habit of hating people for no reason. i guess you could say im becoming a loner. but what ever, ill figure something out. heck i could be happy as a hobo. im sure of it!


4 responses to “its bad enough coming from my parents…

  1. I don’t see the relationship between all the things listed, but I always thought the opposite of you. To be honest . . . I could see you being a Youth Pastor some day. The only thing is that you can’t be lazy, or hate people. You can be a loner, but you can’t show it to other people. Oh and I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t be able to be a professional hobo and be a Youth Pastor at the same time. Love ya man.

  2. Welcome to the club

  3. the connection between this and my parents is that i herd it from them first. and im not too big on the youthpastor thing right now. im not giving it up, but im not moving towards it much.

  4. I didn’t know that you were ever considering it? Well, that’s just what I could see you doing in the future. I’m sorry about your hurt. Words can be very painful, especially from the ones we love.

    One thing that I always get satisfaction in is proving people wrong. Don’t use the things that people or your parents say to be an excuse to just not care or be the reason you choose to fail at whatever it is.

    I’m a big believer in your life will be what you make of it. Obviously there are things that happen to you in your life that are painfully shaping you, and I also am not leaving out the will of God. However, I think that we as Christians can put a lot of blame on “the will of God.” . . . if that makes sense. So without talking to you personally Jon . . . and you know that I’ve always shot straight with you. It’s time to take some action. Call me sometime, but if you don’t it won’t hurt my feelings. If you need my number you can get it from Ryan. Peace man.

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