patience, patients

but his mind was telling me otherwise. as my nails scraped across the asphalt, i cried, and he cried. i thought of all the things he had left to do, all the people he wronged, all the love he had left.

the light eluded the creature. its gown simply consumed it whole, and still it was not yet satisfied. i felt a rush of adrenaline pulse through my leg, and with all i had, for his sake, i tried to break free. his eyes opened, but only for the slightest moment.

the creature, aware that he was now aware himself, called his name. his eyes closed. his heartbeat, minute by minute, became like that of his lifeless cell mate’s, as he lay motionless with tubes and needles running through him. and as the only one left still fighting for him, i put up my last struggle, but it didn’t seem to be enough.

as i lay, in turn, motionless on the concrete being devoured inch by inch, i smiled, and he smiled. he looked inside at me and i outside at him. as his final heartbeat drew closer and closer,

to be continued…


One response to “patience, patients

  1. most of the credit goes to cody.

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