Never Again…

i have made a promise to myself never to go on a nother family vacation. My brother and i got in a fist fight outside a hospital, i sleep on the floor in EVERY hotel, And the historic museums… oh my. If i go to another historic museum, it will be the death of me. And the lack of room in the car, every stop we make it seems like we are getting more and more stuff to load in the van, and there is no room at all now. Does anyone else have these kind of memories? Their horrid arent they!


2 responses to “Never Again…

  1. Can’t say that I have any family vaca horror stories of my own, but I can imagine your pain. Knowing your family I can imagine how fun something like what you are talking about would actually be!
    The fist fight outside of the hospital makes for a good story.

  2. well, in that case, i might just write a blog about it!!! its actually perty darn funny.

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