Are we trusting God like we should?

Yesterday was a sad day for anyone who loves drama and goes to my school. Mrs. Matranga, who has been our drama teacher for 13 years, decided to leave. The news was broken to us right after we performed our play for about 120 people. Though i love Mrs. M very much, i couldnt help but feel like she wasnt leaving for the right reason.

It all started about 2 weeks ago, when her daughter got a call from a college during our practice. We didnt know what she was thinking for 2 weeks and then she brakes the news to us all right after our last play. Her reason for leaving is because she feels God is calling her to leave and get a better paying job. She has one child going into college and 2 others that will be there shortly and she said she wouldnt be able to provide for thier college with a job like this. I cant read her heart and i cant say what she was saying wasnt true, but i hope that she was telling the truth or she wasnt really trusting in God.

I dont think someone should change a position because of something like money, because God will provide. She has impacted so many lives at this school and done so much for her students. I know its not my place to say any of this, but thats how i feel and i really dont want to see her go.


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