My hand hurts.

As most people know, i broke my hand in a car wreck. its been getting better over time untill today.

 I didnt want to come to school today and almost had my wish. Of course, my dad wont take no for an answer and beat the crap out of my door till i got up. When i got to school, i had already missed the first hour and 15 minutes of first period. So i walk into class. Sit in my seat, and mind my own buisness. I must have been some what ready to leave class because my leg was thumping up and down. This some how caught the attention of the class tard, Blake, who asked me to stop and i did. but a few secounds later i started again. it wasnt to make him mad or bug him, but it did. suddenly his desk comes flying back and smashes my fingers inbetween my desk and his. with no delay, i swing a punch at his back, but he pulled forward so he didnt get the full effect. and of course, of all the things to smash, its the fingers on my bad hand. im still debating in my mind if i should murder him during lunch or just let it slide. my good side tells me not to, but my even better side tells me to throgh him over the banisters. well, i guess ill just find out after class. 


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